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07 August 2009 @ 04:53 pm
home sweet home  

Freshman year I lived in a dorm room. Sophomore year, I had my own little apartment. Now, and for the rest of my undergrad college years, I'll be residing in a townhouse with four other girls. Luckily, I got my own room, and for the summer, I don't have to share my bathroom. So here's a little tour of my space, let me just say that I adore my room, a little more so than the one I got back at home.

When you enter, this is what you'd see to your right. I love my quilted comforter and little circle rug, and new poster, "Keep calm and carry on."

A zoom onto the bookcase. Eww to the bottom shelf. Most of the textbooks I've accumulated, I decided not to sell them back like most students, because I'm a pack rat, and who knows when I'll need them again.

Atop my bookcase is a framed picture of Boy's and mine adopted panda. His name's Billy. We took him from the San Diego Zoo.

A surprisingly dramatic shot of my bed. It's a Serta, meaning it's so damn comfortable and therefore so hard to get out of bed for my 8 'o' clock summer classes. For those not familiar with my Irvine stuffed cohabitants, the gang consists of Ollie (the bear with suspenders), Polliana (the Russian doll), and Melville (the monster.) And yes, I am 4 years old.

And to the left is where I study. My desk. It's so cool, haa. On the right there's a whiteboard, and my chair is so cute. It spins and leans back. I decided that I didn't want a manly leather chair, or a cheapy looking Office Max-esque chair. If you can't tell by now, I was very particular in decorating my room.

By the door is my TV. No cable :( The roomies and I have decided it's too expensive, and there's nothing really on in the summer, but come fall we will re-evaluate and hopefully we'll all agree to cable. In the stand I put my mags and in the drawer is my small collection of DVDs.

I have the "master bedroom" which included a bathroom. Here's the sink/mirror, a little messy, I say.

To the right is my walk-in closet. I finally organized and unpacked everything. Es nice.

And to the left is the shower/toilet. Same fun shower curtain as before. Hee.
And that's all, folks.
jens lekmen
tamms.: Shop 'till you dropbellcurve on August 8th, 2009 05:01 am (UTC)
Yee, that's why I have a little cabinet next to the desk for storage, and as a place for my huge printer.